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Site Tours

Our site tours are designed to give you a good idea of what to expect when you use our site. We recommend that you take the general site tour and the tour for your specific type of pool or league. Afterwards, please let us know if you have any questions.
General Tours
General Site Tour
Get an overview of OFP!
Pick squares from a 10x10 grid!
Football Pick'em
Pick the winner of every game!
Football Survivor
Pick one team each week!
Football Share
Like a fantasy sportsbook!
Fantasy 1 And Done
Choose a player once for the season!
Propositions Pool
Make predictions for the NFL Draft, Superbowl, Golf and More
Propositions Pool
Make predictions NFL Playoff games
Propositions Pool
Make predictions for the Stanley Cup or any NHL game
Baseball 13-Run
Baseball Bingo!
Sweet 16 Bracket
Second Chance Pick-The-Bracket!
Confidence 16
Rank your teams from 16 to 1!
Tourney Squares
10x10 square pool for the Tournament
Basketball Shares
Fantasy Sportsbook
Pick each game in the NCAA tournament!
Pick one team to survive each day!
Seed 8
Earn points equal to your team's seed!
Golf Salary Cap
Salary cap style fantasy golf!
Golf One and Done
Choose 1 golfer and earn points!
Golf Survivor
Survive if your golfer makes the cut!
Propositions Pool
Make your own questions for Masters or any tournament
Propositions Pool
Make up questions for any event, like the Daytona 500
Propositions Pool
Make up your own questions for any event, like the World Cup
UFC Custom Props
Make your own prop sheet for the UFC